With Christmas just weeks away, you’re most likely dealing with holiday financial stress right now. With all the gifts you want to get for your friends and family, plus all the extra expenses you need to make for the coming festivities, your biggest worry is where to get the extra funds necessary to make everything happen. Worry no more. KwikCash is here to help!

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Holiday Budget

As for your holiday spending, it’s always a good idea to come up with a budget first before heading off to the stores to buy gifts. To come up with the right budget, list down everyone you’d like to give gifts to. Next, consider your options for great gifts that fit your budget.

Gift Suggestions

What would make for great gifts on a budget? We recommend that you consider the personality, hobbies, or general taste of each person on your list. Also, make sure that you do your holiday shopping at least several weeks before Christmas. This way, you won’t be tempted to get last-second gifts just so everyone on your list gets something from you for Christmas.

Last minute shopping almost always ends in two ways: you get something that the recipient won’t like, or you end up spending more because the gifts were not carefully thought through and you didn’t have the time to look for the best deals. We suggest that after each person’s name, list down several ideas for great gifts on a budget that works for you.

As much as possible, try to stay away from electronics and gadgets; these are expensive and rather common nowadays. Try to go old school with tasteful gifts to meet your budget. Consider books, personalized tree hangers for each member of the family, or homemade goodies. A personal touch is always appreciated.

In addition, try not to recycle gifts. You may have received a few items last Christmas that remain unused and unopened until now. While you’d want someone else to use them and save some money in the process, recycling gifts is risky, and a bit impersonal. There’s a risk because you might end up giving the same gift to the one who gave it to you, or giving it to someone who knows the person who gave it to you.

The bottom line is, you can buy great gifts even while you’re on a budget, and give each person on your list the most ideal gift for them if you plan things ahead.

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