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Get The Funds You Need

10 Financial Reminders

Personal Finance


Getting your finances in order isn’t always the funnest thing to do. Most people don’t know where to even start! So we figured we’d drum up a little list of our top 10 finance tips!


1) Set a Budget

First and foremost- set a budget. No matter how much money you have coming in, it’s always smart to set a limit for yourself. This will help you save and grow your finances. This is a really good starting point for those who do not know where to start when upgrading their financial goals.


2) Set Financial Goals

Write it down. Set reminders. And specify when and how you want to accomplish your goals.


3) Eliminate Toxic Money Thoughts

Be optimistic! The moment you have toxic thoughts (ex. I’ll forever be broke!) you begin to be careless all over again with your money. And it’s an awful web that you’ll have to untangle yourself from, AGAIN. Just keep going! Rewarding things never come easy.


4) Learn How to Savor

Appreciate what you have! Don’t look at your peers and think you wish what they had. Continue on your own journey and appreciate what is currently yours.


5) Spend on Experiences, Not Things

Going to the movies or a concert in the park tends to give you more bang for your buck. Research says that buying experiences versus things increases your overall happiness.


6) Ditch the Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Protection is just a nice way of saying, hey if you ever run out of money we’ll cover you – buuuuut we’ll charge you $40 each time we have to help ya. It’s not worth it! Turn off the overdraft protection and manage your money.


7) Make Savings Part of Your Monthly Budget

Treat your Savings like another bill. You need to pay it every month and pretend that your accumulative funds aren’t there. This will help you save for big purchases, investments, debts etc.


8) Create a Financial Calendar

There are many many many apps for this, majority of them do step by step guiding you a long the way. If you’re not too tech savvy, then grabbing a calendar or planner works too. Write down any finances due or pay days.


9) An All-Cash Diet

The good ol’ cash diet! If you absolutely have no willpower to spending than this might help out. Put away all your credit cards and debit cards and give yourself a daily budget in cash. This really restricts you from buying anything other than necessities.


10) Get Your Finances + Body Right

Research says, when you’re happy with your body, your happier and more in tune with your finances.  Habits and discipline associated with exercise are also associated with managing your money well.