How does KwikCash work?

Does Kwikcash check my credit score?

Yes. We check your credit score with Experian.

What are your annual interest rates?

Are there any fees other than the APR?

May I pay my loan off early?

Can I check my account balance online?

What if I only need to borrow money for a short time?

How do I come eligible for a loan?


Can I apply?

Yes. If you: Are at least 18 years old. Have a social security number. Have a valid checking account. Are a resident of California, Utah or Missouri

Is applying on www.kwikcashonline.com safe?

How may I apply for a KwikCash loan?

Is it all online or can I come into a store?

I do not have a bank account -- can I still apply for a loan?

What is a bank verification and why is this needed?

What if I do not have an online bank account?