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Get The Funds You Need

How much will you spend on your S.O.’s for V-Day?

How much do you spend on Valentine’s Day?

Well, on average, Americans will spend $19.6 billion total on “the day of love.”

The average American will spend $143.56 on the day and men spend 2 times more than women. $ 3.7 billion of the grand total will be on dinner out. The average cost of that dinner? $170.53.

Not into being in a crowded restaurant on V Day? $3.8 billion are spent on chocolates & flowers alone. $4.7 billion is spent on jewelry sales for the 9+ million marriage proposals made that day.

Getting a card for your friends, parents or office companions? You can be a part of the $849 million spent just on Valentine’s Day cards.

Going the traditional route for Valentine’s Day can rack up quite a bit of debt. So why not find fun and romantic things to do that cost little-to-no money? Whether you make a home-cooked meal together, go see some free live music, or even just watch a good movie at home – these are all fun, easy ways to celebrate your love on this holiday.

Here are a few ideas to keep it romantic yet affordable:

  • Make your own Card

The design is easy. Take the best photo you have of the two of you (or the whole family), place it in a nice border, and use it as the front of a folding card. Inside, (and this is the crucial step) write when the photo was taken and how much the moment means to you. Don’t be afraid to gush a little, too. It is Valentine’s Day

  •  Burn a Custom CD

We all spend way too much time in the car. Why not help your loved one pass the time thinking about you by burning them a custom CD of their favorite tunes? Be sure to include “our song.” Topping it off with a little love note sharpied on the CD itself and giving it that

  • Make Something by Hand

Don’t have any talent with your hands? Don’t believe it; you just haven’t found your field yet. In the meantime, you can bake a cake; just follow the instructions. If you knit, knit a scarf. If you write, write a poem. If you work with wood, make a memory box (see above). If you hike, take him/her on a day hike to a place of special beauty or historical significance.

  • Cook their favorite dish

Cooking is one of the ultimate ways to say I love you. Food feeds the heart AND soul. You can’t go wrong with cooking a meal! Can’t cook? Order in! This is cheaper than a restaurant – just don’t forget the dessert!

  • Play Masseuse

Everyone could use a massage! I have not met someone who hated massages! This is a good way to end your romantic day.  This is 100% free and it will make your S.O. feel great afterwards. Job well done!