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Get The Funds You Need

How to host Thanksgiving on a budget

5. Pick most popular dishes

Thanksgiving is made out to be this massive party with 20+ dishes to choose from and tasting a bit of everything – it doesn’t have to be that way. Pick your priority foods, the most popular among your guests and simply make less.

4. Stick to simple beverages

Water is the key to washing all that food down, placing ordinary water in dispensers nearby will be all that you need. Having kids over? Grab a few oranges/lemons from your backyard, juice and dilute with water, making a healthy beverage for the kiddos. Cheap and easy. Or, if you simply must have wine ask a family or friend to bring a bottle or two.

3. Keep it simple

Make things from scratch! Turkey is 40% of your budget – make that the only fully made item on your list. Grab a bag of potatoes and add butter and spices from your cupboard to make a homestyle mashed potato. Pre-made items are usually more expensive because they are already made for you. Know someone with an herb garden? Ask them ahead of time for some herbs, spices, this will help you save time and money! Allow yourself some time to make all the items on your list before your guests arrive!

2. Stick to your list

Prepare a menu and calculate a budget and stick to it. Grocery stores are tempting and things can get pricey. Be strict with yourself and make sure to only grab what you need.

1. Go potluck

This is the best way to go! Get in touch with your guests and see if they can bring their favorite dish! Allowing you to not be slaving in the kitchen all day! This is a great idea to trying new dishes and still being able to provide your own traditional dishes for everyone.