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Get The Funds You Need

How to host Thanksgiving on a budget

1. Prioritize Popular Dishes

Thanksgiving feasts often feature an abundance of dishes, but you don’t need to prepare everything. Focus on the most popular foods among your guests. By narrowing down your menu, you’ll save both time and money. Quality over quantity!

2. Choose for Simple Beverages

Instead of splurging on expensive drinks, keep it straightforward. Water is essential for washing down all that delicious food. Set up water dispensers with ordinary tap water—it’s cost-effective and hydrating. If you have kids attending, create a refreshing and healthy beverage by juicing some backyard oranges or lemons and diluting it with water. And if you’re craving wine, consider asking a family member or friend to bring a bottle or two.

3. Embrace Simplicity

Making dishes from scratch not only saves money but also adds a personal touch. Reserve the fully cooked turkey as the centerpiece (it’s about 40% of your budget). For side dishes, grab a bag of potatoes and create homestyle mashed potatoes with butter and spices from your cupboard. Pre-made items tend to be pricier, so roll up your sleeves and enjoy the process. If you know someone with an herb garden, ask them for fresh herbs—this adds flavor without breaking the bank. Give yourself ample time to prepare all the items before your guests arrive.

4. Stick to Your Shopping List

Prepare a detailed menu and calculate a budget. Grocery stores can be tempting, but discipline is key. Stick to your list and avoid impulse purchases. Only grab what you truly need to stay within your budget.

5. Go Potluck Style

Hosting a potluck Thanksgiving is a win-win. Reach out to your guests and ask if they can contribute their favorite dish. Not only does this lighten your cooking load, but it also allows everyone to share their culinary talents. You’ll get to try new dishes while still providing your traditional favorites. Plus, the communal spirit makes the holiday even more special.

Remember, Thanksgiving is about gratitude, togetherness, and good food. With these budget-friendly tips, you can create a memorable feast without breaking the bank. Happy hosting!