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How to Motivate Yourself to Get in Shape

Are you one of those people that says…”Maybe next month” or “I’ll for sure start next year” but never get around to actually pushing yourself into getting healthy? Me too. A new government study estimates that nearly 80 percent of adult Americans do not get the recommended amounts of exercise each week, potentially setting themselves up for years of health problems.  If there’s one thing people love doing, it’s making excuses. And if there’s one thing people hate hearing, it’s that they’re making excuses. There always seems to be an excuse: There’s no time, I don’t have money for a gym membership, I don’t have gym attire.. etc

–Gymtimidation is real–

One of the many excuses I hear is “I don’t know what to do”

You look around and see muscular men & and women pumping away and you’re clueless – I get it.

1. Youtube your workouts

If it’s your first time back in the gym I’d recommend looking up some workouts to do on the equipment. This will show you how to properly use equipment and how to properly use your form while using equipment. Do your research if you’re super intimidated by not knowing what machine helps with what muscle. The internet is vast and will help guide you on what to do.

2. Plan out your week

I highly recommend planning out each gym day and focus on one body part each session. For example, Mondays can be arm day, Tuesday can be leg day and Wednesday can be chest day. Focusing on one body part can help you figure out which exercises you’d like to do for that day. Keep track of how many reps you can do and watch yourself grow.

3. Recruit a friend

Exercising with someone helps exponentially. It motivates you to do more and having a partner in crime to knock out the weights does make it a lot more enjoyable. Not only are you getting healthy, you’re hanging out with someone that you enjoy while you work!

4. Listen to music

Having upbeat tunes in your ears while throwing around weights in a plus! Spotify has pre-made workout playlists that are made for you to tear it up at the gym!

5. Buy some new gym threads

Shopping is cathartic. Showing off your new gym clothes not only motivates you to put them to use but makes you look good while doing it!