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Payoff Payday Loans with Lower Interest Unsecured Personal Loans

Millions of Americans rely on payday loans to fund many short term expenses. Unfortunately, these types of loans have an annual APR anywhere between 250%-1000%, and are usually paid back in between 14 days to 30 days. The downside on these types of loans, is while they may offer a short term solution to your ongoing financial needs, many people become stuck with these loans longer than they hope for, or even worse have to take out more payday loans to keep with the high interest and fees they have already occurred from previous payday loans .

Luckily, there is a better alternative, for those who wish to rid themselves of these types of loans.

One of these alternatives, is a Kwikcash, Inc., unsecured personal loan, which offers substantially lower rates than payday loans, a longer duration to payback these types of loans, and larger amounts which could assist someone paying off many of their high interest payday loans. By using a Kwikcash, Inc., unsecured personal loan, it may be possible to save hundreds to even thousands of dollars per year, thus allowing our clients to have a more stable financial future.