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How to Save $1000 a Year While on a Tight Budget

If you’ve ever wondered how to save $1000 a year while on a tight budget, you’re not alone. People living from paycheck to paycheck find it difficult to stretch their budget as it is, never mind trying to set aside extra cash. The secret to saving money, however, is not looking to set aside money from your regular paycheck, but to create more money creatively. And in this day and age, the place to do this is online.

There are a number of places where you can find “extra” money online, but for now let’s look at three:

Selling online

eBay and a host of other online auction sites can transform items that have been locked away in storage into instant cold, hard cash. It kills two birds with one stone—free up storage and get extra money.


Getting a freelance job gives you flexibility regarding what you can do and your work hours. You can be asked to do something as simple as data entry to something more complex, such as building a website or developing apps. You never know, your freelance job might become a full time job if things go well.

Joining Contests

There are tons of daily, weekly, and monthly contests online. Just search Google for active contests and with a little bit of luck or effort —or both—you may find yourself winning some extra cash.

Need a quick influx of cash for investing?

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