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Get The Funds You Need

Top 5 ways to save during the holidays

I’ve gathered the top 5 tips to help you through any occasion! Whether you’re gearing up for the holidays or using this for day-to-day expenses. This is the ultimate guide to help you save money!

5. Pay cash

This way you can’t obtain interest on anything you’re  purchasing – because its straight out-of-pocket cash!

Pull out a certain amount, stick to your budget per person and once you’re out of money, you’re done! Be strict with yourself.

4. Make a list

Make a strategic list and adhere a budget per person. Go over the list and figure out how much you can spend per person, adjust limits and be creative! Don’t have enough money to cover your holiday budget? Go through it again and cut names or adjust amounts. Focus on the amount you’ll spend, not what you’ll buy. Another great tip is if you’re buying for a couple or family, combine the gifts into one, make it an adjoining gift. This will help you save even more money!

3. Get creative

Are you creative? Use it to your advantage! Making your gift is not only inexpensive but meaningful! Walk into your local art store and get some ideas – from custom picture frames to DIY bracelets, the opportunities are endless and easy on your pocket!

2. Cut Back

Cutting back on morning coffees at the local cafe can have a big impact on your budget. Take a look at your expenses and see what you can cut back on. Instead of purchasing $4 coffee everyday – drink the not-so-tasty coffee at the office or buy a bulk container of coffee at the grocery store and pocket that extra money to use towards your holiday budget. This will give you more breathing room. Before you splurge on a little treat or “extra” for yourself, be sure it’s really worth the price and see if there’s anyway you can minimize it.

1. Know when to stop

When your list is finished and you’ve checked it twice, it’s time to stop shopping. Know when you’re finished, and avoid stopping by the mall “just to see what they have” – this can lead to making poorly planned purchases and blowing your budget. By planning purchases and stopping when you’re done, you can be spared that holiday hangover come January.