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In trouble with the IRS? Settle Outstanding Tax Debts With Unsecured Personal Loans

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can impose a nasty lien on your property if you have unsettled state or federal tax obligations. If the agency has sent a notice expressing this intent and you currently don’t have the cash to pay the indicated amount there are things you can do.

Set up a payment plan. If you haven’t been delinquent in the past, contact the IRS and set up a payment plan to break your balance up into smaller, more manageable monthly payments. You can also complete and submit an “offer in compromise form, which is a good faith offer to settle the tax debt for an amount that is less than you owe.

Don’t have the funds to consider a settlement or even make a single monthly payment? A personal loan may be the answer! We offer the ability to apply online for an unsecured loan to quickly secure the funds you need for settling that debt quickly and hassle free.

Why do I care about having a tax lien? A tax lien is a legal claim applied to the real or personal property of a delinquent taxpayer to secure payment for unsettled state and federal tax debts. Once filed, the lien serves as an announcement informing the general public that a taxpayer has incurred back tax debts and that the IRS has priority over other creditors. Thus, when property is sold with the lien in effect, the proceeds go to the IRS before other creditors are paid. Information about the lien also appears in the debtor’s credit history and becomes available to various credit reporting agencies.

The lien can also severely affect your credit score and prevent you from getting any future line of credit. The IRS will only remove the imposition once the debt has been paid. However, even if the lien is satisfied, it can still continue to impact your credit score for several years, depending on the reporting bureau.

We are here to help. A unsecured personal loan from KwikCash can help pay off these tax debts and stop the IRS from further collection activities, including liens. Our loans are quick, easy to apply for, and do not require collateral to secure you cash. Visit to learn more