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How much will you spend on your S.O.’s for V-Day?

How much do you spend on Valentine’s Day? Well, on average, Americans will spend $19.6 billion total on “the day of love.” The average American … Learn More

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Who is KwikCash?

Who are we? In short, KwikCash, Inc. was founded with utmost integrity to gratify, benefit and ease each and every individual that finds themselves in … Learn More

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Five Wise Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

If you’re expecting a tax refund this year, you need to have a good plan for your money. Having additional money in your pocket is easy to spend … Learn More

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10 easy ways to save $1,000+ in 2018

We’d all like to finish next year with a bit extra in our pockets. The good news is, your goal is within arms reach and … Learn More

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Why people are broke after Christmas…

Don’t try to “up” yourself from last year or in front of friends/relatives if ultimately buying expensive gifts. It’s not worth overdraft fees and eating … Learn More

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How bad is your credit score?

If you have really bad credit or really good credit, you probably already know it. But there’s that vast middle area where your score is too low. … Learn More

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